Salon Ahloe charged me 2x for each service and then didn't refund.

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I went to Salon Ahloe and had several services done (hair cut, dye, waxing), but was surprised when my final bill was almost $300.00.I asked the lady at the desk to recalculate and she acted very annoyed with me.

I went home and calculated my services and realized that, not only had she overcharged, but I left a tip on the final amount, and so left about 25.00 I shouldn't have on my tip. She went through my bill, after letting me wait half an hour before she'd help me. The owner came and asked what was going on, she told him, and he asked who wrote out my receipt, gave me a dirty look and, without apologizing, went back to work. The lady at the counter took my card and said that my account had been credited.

She told me she couldn't do anything about the extra tip. Two weeks later I call my Discover card: no refund. Discover immediately took over and got me my refund from Salon Ahloe. My Discover customer service person suggested I think twice before going there again.

Good advice!

Horrible customer service and some suspicious behavior- someone's not quite honest and they seem to bet on people not looking at their bills too closely.You can get better salon services and definitely better customer service elsewhere.......



First of all if you got waxing that should start at about 25+ and then you got a haircut which commonly start 60.00+ and you add a color which my start at 80.00+, or maybe you got a highlight/lowlight and being a naive individual didn't know the difference well hi/lows generally start nearly 110.00+ then add additional dollars for toning, extra length and extra color.So assuming you just got charged average prices your bill would be at least 215.00.

So it sounds as though you were charged close to what you should have been charged.Oh and a 25.00 tip you must be cheap that's not even 10% of your 300.00 bill, god i hope you tip better at restaurants.

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